Assisted Daily Living


Assisted Daily Living (ADL)

Sapphire Support offers premier assisted daily living services on the Sunshine Coast, providing participants with a reliable helping hand they can trust. As a leading NDIS registered provider, our dedicated team is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals needing assistance with daily tasks. From assistance with daily tasks to fostering a vibrant community atmosphere, Sapphire Support is your trusted partner for a fulfilling lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast. Join us and thrive in a supportive environment designed to empower you every step of the way

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Personal Care Tailored To You

We redefine Assisted Daily Living (ADL) with a blend of compassion, efficiency, and a genuine understanding of what it means to live your best life every day. From our headquarters in Mooloolaba, our dedicated Client Services and Clinical Care teams collaborate seamlessly with experienced support workers to bring expertise and empathy into every facet of your personal care and in-home support.


Support Solutions for Independence, Health, and Well-Being


With compassionate home care assistance from Sapphire Support, NDIS participants can enjoy the freedom of living independently and the confidence of knowing they have support for all essential self-care needs.


Our assisted living ensures the well-being of individuals with disabilities. Our caregivers provide gentle support, promoting security and health through personalised plans, fostering a comforting and safe environment.


Our carefully selected team of ADL support workers assists with self-care tasks and day-to-day activities. From bathing and dressing to meal preparation and light housekeeping, we extend a helping hand where it’s needed most.


Customized Daily Living Support Plans

With a focus on enhancing independence and quality of life, our assisted daily living services cater to seniors and individuals with disabilities, ensuring safety, comfort, and dignity. Whether in-home or in a supportive living environment, Sapphire Support prioritizes personalized care plans and compassionate assistance, promoting overall well-being and peace of mind for clients and their families. Experience unparalleled support and companionship with Sapphire Support’s expert caregivers.

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Benefits of Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Comprehensive Personal Care at Sapphire Support

Holistic Wellness

Beyond conventional care, our philosophy nurtures physical and mental well-being of every individual. Our team includes expert Clinical Care, and 24/7 on-call emergency service for peace of mind, ensuring that you or your loved one will receive comprehensive and attentive care.

Person-Centered Support

At Sapphire Support, our person-centered approach revolves around consistent and open communication, supported by a dedicated and skilled team. Our meticulous onboarding process delivers a personalised support journey, right from day one.

Accessible & Comprehensive

Our nine-seater, wheelchair-friendly bus, ‘Herbie’, provides safe and accessible transportation to various activities and appointments. Our Client Services and Clinical Care teams collaborate seamlessly to ensure that each individual receives the comprehensive care needed to thrive.

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Personal and customised care

Embracing the spirit of care, assisted living support becomes a comforting presence, safeguarding the health and safety of individuals living with disability. Our caregivers offer gentle supervision and assistance, fostering security and well-being, with evolving care plans to meet your changing needs.

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