Disability and Mental Health Support Services

Discover the freedom to live your best life with Sapphire Support, the leading NDIS provider on the Sunshine Coast. Our person-centred disability and mental health care services are tailored to meet unique needs, fostering independence and empowerment. 

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Achieving Goals with Sapphire Support's Personalized Care

Explore unparalleled NDIS solutions on the Sunshine Coast with Sapphire Support. We go beyond cookie-cutter approaches, tailoring services like supported independent living, assisted daily living, social & community participation, and specialist disability accommodation to fit your unique needs and goals. Exceptional support meets unwavering commitment: our focus is on YOU, ensuring you lead a life of independence, dignity, and fulfillment. Ready to explore unparalleled NDIS options? Contact Sapphire Support today and unlock your true potential!

Special Disability Accommodation

Supporting individuals within accessible homes that foster independence and freedom.

Supported Independent Living

Empowering independence and dignity in personalised, supportive home environments.

Assisted Daily Living

Extending a helping hand with the tasks of everyday living and self-care.

Social and Community Participation

Enriching well-being through social activities and community engagement on the Sunshine Coast.

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Helping you to live your best life

At Sapphire Support, we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life. Specialising in person-centred disability and mental health care, our commitment to individual well-being is evident in dedicated, evolving care plans designed to assist individuals to achieve their NDIS goals. Supported by a professional Client Services and Clinical Care team and delivered with compassion by our Sunshine Coast support workers, we deliver tailored care that empowers individuals to thrive.


Proudly Providing Disability Care and Support

Support Workers

Our support workers are handpicked for their expertise and experience in providing top-notch disability and mental health support

Individual Clients

We are an open-minded team who listen to your goals, your passions, your likes and all the things that make you so unique

Family and Friends

At Sapphire Support, we treat our participants and our staff just like family, empowering every person to live their best life.

Our Success Stories

  • The support and care that is shown by all staff is fantastic, they really care about all their clients. The service that they deliver makes a difference to all their clients lives. An amazing team to work with.

    Louise Mammoliti Avatar Louise Mammoliti
  • Recently, an overwhelming situation that presented itself ahead, ie transitioning a dear disabled family member from hospital to alternative accommodation, was executed seamlessly, professionally, efficiently and most caringly by Wes, Paul and the Sapphire team. Such an impressive mix of professionalism and empathy was delightful and uplifting. We look forward to continuing services with Sapphire Support.

    Simone Avatar Simone
  • Have worked with Sapphire for almost two years now. There have been hiccups along the way due to Covid, growth of need for NDIS services and personal changes requiring adjustments to level of care. I have appreciated Sapphire’s willingness to listen and make changes where things have not been working well and to listen and adjust support to provide care that is focussed on my daughter’s needs. Anne has been outstanding and the rest of the team has been friendly and open to work together with us to provide sensitive and responsive support.

    Ruth Morgan Avatar Ruth Morgan
  • I was searching for information about disability support services and found the Sapphire Support site. I asked them a question on their Google listing and I got a great answer back. It was very comprehensive. I was really pleased with this because other companies tend to just point you to a page or link, or their answers are short and not very helpful.

    Robin Storey Avatar Robin Storey


Care and support every step of your journey

STEP 1: Understanding Your Needs

Embarking on this journey involves us asking you and those close to you various questions. Using your preferences, daily routines, and goals as a guide, we’ll collaboratively create a customized plan that suits both your needs and budget.

STEP 2: Finding Supported Accommodation

Tailored to your needs and NDIS plan, we’ll guide you through available accommodation options on the Sunshine Coast. If needed, we’ll initiate a search for a home that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

STEP 3: Moving in

We craft your experience to align with your routines, handpick a team of support workers uniquely suited to assist you, and provide compassionate guidance from the very beginning. Your needs are our priority throughout this tailored onboarding process.

STEP 4: Collaboration - Our Commitment to you

Our client service and clinical care teams are here to listen and proactively adjust your daily activities, routines, and medical care, ensuring you experience the best possible quality of life. We believe in a personalized approach to support, making sure every step of your journey is comfortable and tailored to your unique preferences.

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Sapphire Support Disability and Mental Health Care Services


Experience Sapphire Support’s compassionate home care assistance for NDIS participants. Discover the freedom of independent living with our dedicated team is here to support all your essential self-care needs.


Our dedicated caregivers offer gentle support, implementing personalized plans to promote security and health. We prioritize creating a comforting and safe environment to enhance the overall quality of life.


Discover tailored NDIS solutions designed exclusively for participants with unique needs. Our customised approach empower individuals to thrive and achieve their goals within the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Why Choose Sapphire Support


We understand that everyone is different, with their own unique set of circumstances. Our person-centered approach means that your needs always come first.


All of our staff members are highly trained and experienced in disability and mental health support. You can be confident that you are receiving the best possible care.


We believe in being upfront and honest with our participants. We take responsibility for our actions, commitments, and the well-being of those we care for.


We believe that everyone is unique and deserves to be treated as an individual. Our support services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Experience Sapphire Support, Join the Family!

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