Supported Independent Living Sunshine Coast

Sapphire Support offers Supported Independent Living services on the Sunshine Coast that are focused on helping NDIS participants live independently!

Supported Independent Living Sunshine Coast

Develop Independence With Sapphire Support

For people with a disability, independence can be especially important. However, for many people with physical or intellectual disabilities such as down syndrome and autism, this can be a challenge.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS-funded service that gives people living with disabilities access to the support and assistance they need to live as independently as possible.

Sapphire Support is an NDIS disability support service provider with years of trusted home-based care in the Sunshine Coast. We know that there is no place like home and are dedicated to empowering and supporting those with disabilities through customised disability support services and accommodation.

For more information about our Supported Independent Living services in Sunshine Coast, or to discuss specific care needs, contact us today!

What Our Clients Say

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Flexible SIL services in Sunshine Coast

Tailored SIL Services for NDIS Participants

Navigating the NDIS and finding a service provider can take time and effort – but finding one you can trust is crucial.

Sapphire Support takes an innovative approach to Supported Independent Living services and is dedicated to finding individualised solutions that work for each and every client.

  • Guidance and support when navigating the NDIS process
  • We take the time to get to know you and understand your specific goals
  • Flexible and responsive services tailored to individual needs and preferences
  • Person-centred care focused on empowering people with disabilities

The Benefits Of SIL Sunshine Coast

Building The Bridges To Success

Our Services Short Term Accommodation Respite

Gain Confidence & Independence

Supported Independent Living SIL Meeting

Meet New People & Make Friends

Social and Community Participation Winners

Gain New Opportunities

Disability and Mental Health Support Services SIL

Assistance When You Need It

Develop independence with Sapphire Support

Support For Empowerment

As a leading SIL service provider in Sunshine Coast, our focus is to create an environment where individuals feel protected, supported, and empowered to navigate their own paths and make their own decisions.

From supervision of daily tasks such as shopping, cooking and personal care such as hygiene to building life skills and confidence, participants have the opportunity to thrive and make choices that positively impact their lives.

Our team actively engages with the participant’s family and caregivers, providing regular updates on the participant’s Journey. Through open collaboration, we create a support system that empowers the participant and strengthens the overall care and support network.

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SIL vacancies Sunshine Coast

Find The Perfect Home

Our SIL services and accommodation in Sunshine Coast offer a NDIS participants the opportunity to embrace a comfortable life filled with dignity and independence without compromising on the day-to-day care they need.

Whether participants are looking for one on one support or shared living, each of our SIL homes is modern, and spacious and has been carefully selected to cater to the unique needs of our residents.

Discover the power of independence with Sapphire Support today. Enquire about our Supported Independent Living vacancies in Sunshine Coast and take the first steps towards a more independent and fulfilling life!

Supported Independent Living FAQS

Frequently Asked SIL Questions

What Is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living, or SIL for short, is a 24/7 support system that enables people with a disability to live as independently as possible, but still, have access to help and/or supervision for their daily living tasks and personal care. You get the opportunity to develop your skills and independence, while at the same time living in an environment that provides support and helps when needed.

The NDIS defines Supported Independent Living (SIL) as help with and/or supervision of daily tasks to develop the skills of an individual to live as independently as possible. These are the supports provided to a participant in their home, regardless of property ownership, and can be in a shared or individual arrangement.

Click here for more information on Supported Independent Living from the NDIS website.

What is the difference between SIL and SDA?

While both SIL and SDA are related to disability accommodation, they are distinct support services that are funded separately.

Specialist Disability Accommodation focuses on the housing aspect for individuals with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs to promote functional independence. SDA includes various types of accommodations such as shared supported housing, community residential units, or self-contained homes equipped with specialised solutions tailored to meet specific disability needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL), on the other hand, refers to the on-site support services provided to help individuals live as independently as possible. SIL is designed to support individuals with tasks related to daily living, personal care, and community participation that may require more complex thinking skills such as shopping and meal preparation, housecleaning and home maintenance, managing medication, managing medication, cleaning oneself, maintaining living areas and more.

Where Can I Find Supported Independent Living Vacancies?

A number of disability service providers, including Sapphire Support, can help you with finding a vacancy within a SIL accommodation building, be it a unit or a house. You would have to check with us about the suitability of the location and the type of supports you would need before you could make a clear decision.

Sapphire Support currently manages homes spread throughout the Sunshine Coast Region from Noosa to Scarborough (North Brisbane). We are continuously expanding our services into new suburbs so it is best to contact us for the location of appropriate services close to you. Call us on 1300 881 884 to find out more.

Can I Get Funding For Supported Independent Living?

SIL is best suited for participants who have high support needs. This means you require a significant amount of help throughout the day. If SIL is the most appropriate support for you, you will receive funding for this assistance as part of your NDIS plan.

The amount of SIL funding you receive will depend on the level and type of support you need to live as independently as you can.

During your planning meeting, you should talk about what supports you need at home and discuss whether SIL is suitable for you. Your planner will then assess if it is a support that is reasonable and necessary for your needs. Call us on 1300 881 884 to find out more.

Is Sapphire Support an Approved NDIS SIL Provider?

Yes. Sapphire Support is registered as a SIL Provider with NDIS (#4050043190). Call us on 1300 881 884 for more information.

What Are The NDIS Supported Independent Living Guidelines?

The overall guidelines of the NDIS regarding SIL are to determine whether it is “reasonable and necessary”. A full list can be seen here. A service or support:

  • must be related to a participant’s disability
  • must not include day-to-day living costs not related to your disability support needs, such as groceries
  • should represent value for money
  • must be likely to be effective and work for the participant, and
  • should take into account support given to you by other government services, your family, carers, networks and the community.

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