NDIS Social And Community Participation

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NDIS Social And Community Participation

Be Part Of Your Community

Humans are social creatures and thrive on interaction and communication. Despite this, people living with disabilities often have trouble getting out, socialising and participating in the activities they enjoy. This leads to a growing sense of loneliness and social isolation.

The importance and benefits of community participation in everyday life have been recognised by the Australian government and is a funded category in your NDIS plan.

This makes it a great option for people living with disabilities who are looking to take part in the community, make friends, participate in group activities as well as support economic and social participation.

At Sapphire Support, you have more ways to meet new people, try new things, make memories and, most importantly, have fun! All you need to do is let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Assistance with NDIS Social and Community Participation

Live Your Best Life

The NDIS Social And Community Participation is a package of supports that aims to assist people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives through social connection and community participation. This means you can use your Assistance with Social and Community Participation funding to improve your ability to participate in the community, social and recreational activities.

This includes assistance with engaging socially in leisure or recreational activities, participating in community events, festivals and gatherings, contributing to the life of your local community through volunteering work.

Leading the way in creating opportunities for people living with disabilities, Sapphire Support can assist you to meet your goals and dreams through your NDIS Plan. We are experts in developing strategies that provide creative options to help clients connect with their community.

Depending on what you want to do, Sapphire Support can help you access a range of inspiring options that will suit your interests and abilities. Whether it’s getting in touch with your artistic side, going for a walk or participating in a shared interest. If you want to learn more, give us a call on 1300 881 884 to discuss the options best for your needs.

Sunshine Coast Social And Community Participation

Helping You Connect

Social and community participation is funded under one of two categories, Core and Capacity Building.

Navigating the complexities of your NDIS funding can be daunting. At Sapphire Support, we have helped hundreds of participants with disabilities to understand their NDIS Plan and the ways in which they can use it.

It is also important to remember that NDIS Pricing does not cover costs of any additional services or expenses for both yourself and any support staff.

If you are unsure about what you can do with your NDIS funding, be sure to schedule a call. One of our passionate staff members is happy to assist you in ensuring you are within your plan allowance.

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NDIS Social And Community Participation Warming Up Our Services

NDIS Social And Community Participation Benefits

Dare To Live Your Life

For people living with a disability and their carers, social participation has many benefits. From gaining a sense of belonging and being connected to the community, to building your confidence and participating in local events. Getting out with friends or people you have met is a great outlet for both personal development and socialising.

At Sapphire Support, we are committed to empowering people with disabilities to live the life they choose. We work closely with you and your carer or family member to understand what is important to you so that we can create a tailored plan based on your needs

As experts in NDIS planning for social and community participation, our expert team is committed to making your experience with the NDIS a positive one. Let us work with you to build an individualised plan so you can lead a fulfilling life in the community.

NDIS Community Participation Funding

Participate. Get social. Make Memories.

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Improved Sense Of Well Being

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Improved Independence & Confidence

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Social & Community Participation FAQ’S

What Is Social and Community Participation (CP)?

Social and Community Participation, sometimes referred to as CP, is the process of engaging in group or individual activities that enables a particpant to get out into the community.

CP can encompass things such as going to a cafe, spending time at the beach, going to the movies or other activities that would enhance their daily living or help build skills and independence.

Is Social and Community Participation Funded Under The NDIS?

Yes. The NDIS refers to CP as a Support Category 9 – Capacity Building Support, and may fund it in your NDIS plan. Funding can either be applied to the costs of getting to and from a social event, including the cost of a support worker to assist you, as well as costs for the activities themselves, such as tuition fees, art classes, sports coaching and similar activities that build skills and independence.

However, not all costs are covered in your NDIS plan (for example, ticket prices to enter a venue). Call us on 1300 881 884 or click here to learn more about NDIS supports.

What Are Some Examples Of Social and Community Participation?

Activities that may be funded for social and community participation can be broadly categorised to include, art and craft classes, sporting and recreational activities, camping and vacation activities, skill building programs, social outings (beach, library, cafe, shopping etc), volunteering and even connecting with other people in you favourite fan club.

The underlying criteria from the NDIS is that the activity must be “reasonable and necessary” to be included in your plan. Call us on 1300 881 884 to find out more.

Is Sapphire Support an Approved NDIS CP Provider?

Yes. Sapphire Support are registered as a Social and Community Participation (CP) Provider with NDIS (#4050043190). Call us on 1300 881 884 for more information.

What's Not Covered By The NDIS In Social and Community Participation?

An activity must be deemed “reasonable and necessary” to be covered by the NDIS.

Activities and associated actions that are not covered include things like: food costs while attending an event, ticket prices and entry fees to venues or activities (for both the particpant and the support worker) and costs of sporting equipment (except if specialist gear is needed).

In general, costs are related back to your disability and the goals in your NDIS Plan. If it’s not deemed “reasonable and necessary” then it can not be funded

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